Your Ombudsperson

Angus Shaw (he/him) is the current sitting Ombudsperson at the University of Victoria. After completing a Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Calgary, Angus completed a law degree at the University of British Columbia and was called to the British Columbia Bar in 2022. Angus has gained valuable experience working with people in conflicts through his work with the Indigenous Community Legal Clinic in Vancouver and through UBC’s student union as their Advocate. Angus brings a passion for fairness in process, problem-solving, and ensuring students are properly supported.

The Ombudspersons role is to ensure that the policies and procedures impacting students and members of the university community are reasonable and fair. The Office of the Ombudsperson operates on the principles of impartiality, independence, and confidentiality. Each inquiry will be dealt with privacy and discretion.

The Ombudsperson is an impartial third party and not a representative nor employee of the university.  The Ombudsperson is also not an advocate for any individual, rather advocates for fairness in the policies and processes that impact all in the university community.