Appealing a requirement to withdraw from UVic

A student who is required to withdraw from UVic because of low grade point average (GPA) may return to UVic in one of two ways (see UVic Calendar entry on ‘Standing‘):

  • by completing the requirement to withdraw period and, since their last registration at UVic, completing a minimum of 6 units of transferable non-duplicate or mutually exclusive course work with a C+ (3.0) average in ALL transferable courses attempted, including currently in-progress course work, or
  • by appealing the requirement to withdraw if the student has grounds to do so

Please note

This information is general and applies especially to appealing a first requirement to withdraw from UVic, for students who intend to return to Humanities, Science or Social Sciences. For information on returning to a particular program in any faculty, or for information on returning to a faculty other than the three faculties mentioned above, please contact an advisor in that faculty and/or program.

If you think you have grounds for appeal and need documentation from a health professional but have not yet contacted a health professional, please do so ASAP. The ombudsperson cannot provide supporting documentation for an appeal.

If you would like feedback on a draft appeal, feel free to contact the ombuds office at 250-721-8357 or

For questions about the appeal process and due dates for appeals, you can also contact the records officer listed in the requirement to withdraw notice.

How to appeal

To appeal a requirement to withdraw from UVic, a student needs to submit the following documents to SCART (Senate Committee on Admission, Re-registration and Transfer):

  • the SCART appeal form
  • a signed statement of appeal, and
  • relevant supporting documentation (e.g. from a doctor, counsellor or other health professional)

The UVic Calendar states that grounds for appeal are normally limited to:

  • significant physical affliction or psychological distress documented by a physician or other health care professional
  • evidence of serious misadvice or errors of administration by authorized University personnel, with evidence that the applicant’s studies were adversely affected
  • documented significant distress, or documented significant responsibility as a caregiver, as a result of an immediate member of the family suffering from a serious trauma or illness

The SCART committee meets twice a month during the summer session (May-August) and once a month during the winter session (September-April). The committee makes decisions on paper appeals (there is no in-person communication to the committee).

The letter, form and supporting documentation are mailed, faxed or dropped off at Undergraduate Records and Graduation Services. Appeals must be received one full week before the date of the SCART meeting. Please contact Undergraduate Records and Graduation Services for dates of upcoming SCART meetings.

The supporting documentation (e.g. from a doctor, counsellor or other health professional) typically includes:

  • the nature and seriousness of what affected the student
  • the timeframe when the student was being affected
  • the impact on the student’s academic performance
  • if applicable, relevant information about the student’s ability to return to studies

The student’s written statement typically includes:

  • what you are appealing and what you are asking for (i.e. what session or term you intend to return)
  • explanation of the extenuating circumstances and how your studies were affected
  • grounds/reasons for appeal (see ‘grounds’ above)
  • plans for success when you return (e.g. continuous support from a counsellor, study-skill workshop, etc.) as relevant to your individual situation

What happens after a requirement to withdraw?

Students who don’t appeal or whose appeal is not successful are expected to complete the withdrawal period and to complete the required coursework outside UVic (for example at a college or through Open Learning) before asking for permission to re-register at UVic. Information about transferable courses can be found through the BC transfer Guide.

Students who return to UVic after an appeal or after completing the requirement to withdraw and coursework are placed on probation. Check the regulation on standing or ask an advisor or records officer for clarification about the grade point average you will need to clear probation. Check also with your faculty/program advisor for any regulations specific to re-applying or returning to your individual program or faculty.

Other information and resources

Academic concession form and information (for example if you think you may have grounds to defer or withdraw from incomplete courses for extenuating circumstances)

Counselling services

Health Services

See the ombuds website for more information and tips from the ombuds office.

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