Faculty & staff FAQ

Can the ombudsperson help with staff or faculty issues?

The mandate of the ombuds office is about student fairness issues. If you have a staff or faculty issue and do not know where or how to address it, I will try to identify useful referrals or resources.

Can the ombudsperson help staff or faculty with student issues?

Yes, I can provide information about UVic policies and procedures, rights and responsibilities, steps in using decision-making and appeal procedures, and best practices. You can also request assistance from your manager, chair, director or dean.

What happens when the ombudsperson contacts a member of staff or faculty?

The ombuds office helps resolve student issues at the lowest appropriate level. If I contact you, it is because the student has given me consent to do so and:

  • I need your help in understanding the circumstances, actions taken and next steps; or
  • I need to explore the possibility of resolving the issue at your level

What happens if the student’s situation is not resolved at my level?

Most situations at UVic have corresponding appeal processes. You may or may not be the decision-maker at the time when I contact you for information.  If you are the decision-maker and the situation is not resolved at your level, I will guide the student to relevant next steps. In some circumstances, I may problem-solve with you or make a recommendation for resolving the situation to you or to the relevant decision-maker.

How does the ombudsperson deal with academic judgment, or staff or faculty performance?

The ombudsperson focuses on relational, procedural and substantive fairness as they affect students. The office complements but does not replace UVic’s established procedures.

If a student wants to record a complaint about academic judgment or about an individual staff or faculty member’s performance, I refer the student to the relevant UVic appeal or complaint process.

Can the ombudsperson help resolve conflicts between students and staff or faculty?

I am available for coaching, problem-solving, facilitating communication or mediating, as appropriate. Do not hesitate to contact me or to refer a student to the office.

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